New Stripes for JudyThis floorcloth ‘New Stripes’ will soon have a home of Judy Clements, in the kitchen/great room. Judy is an interesting woman who is involved in the arts and theatre in Atlanta. Her home is full of wonderful objects d’art from around the world, with a generous representation of Atlanta artists. She has what we artists call a good ‘eye’. Its difficult for me to concentrate on anything but the art, it keeps calling to me “look at me” “look at me”,”spend time here, here”. My floorcloth will be in good company. My friend Judi Knight, recently did her Kitchen Art Magic on Judy Clements kitchen, like a good symphony conductor, the kitchen works well with all its surrounding elements. Total fun and gratifying for me to do this piece.<a href=“”>


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  1. Jim DeLuca says:

    Callahan brings an artist’s eye to the more mundane world of floor cloths. I owned one for years which was a black,white and red geometric. In wide contrast, she has painted some to look like oriental rugs as well as some with more emotional abstract content.

    And boy, are they easy to keep up!

  2. I’m pleased with it too.I enjoyed the challenge of working with a different palette in this one. Can’t wait to see it down and Judy’s take on it.

  3. judiknight says:

    The new piece looks fabulous. Your take on the colors from Judy’s Anthopologie tea towels ( really worked out well. Although I also liked your other piece that we tried first, this one is going to be great. I can’t wait to see the new floorcloth Judy’s kitchen ( .

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