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High notes of Clarity

I’ve been up since early morning, in the stillness, time in the studio produces focus and clarity.  I’ve been re-reading Love is letting go of fear, by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., I intuitively turn toward his words, thinking of the contrast: simplicity of stillness and … Continue reading

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“Know now that we have always been in danger in our separateness”

My friend and colleague Sharman Colosetti, was visiting yesterday, we are doing a peer study series on EFT,  I love learning with Sharman, she has an innate curiosity about life, a wise woman. Sharman was asking me about the story behind this … Continue reading

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Namaste’ April 2011

I have just completed this piece which I began in 1985. Many times I will work on a painting for years, I get to a point where it needs time, yes sometimes years.  A metaphor actually for my life, that being … Continue reading

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Art: floorcloths and paintings

I’m often asked what is the difference between my floor cloths, wall hangings, and paintings. Often there is no difference other than the floor cloths can be used and the floor and mounted on the walls as well. I wanted an art form that could be easily used in homes and offices as well as traditional art settings. At the time nearly all the stretched canvas paintings I was doing were suited for museums and galleries primarily, they were large and sometimes related the art community. I wanted my artwork to also be ‘used’ utilitarian. Probably the primary difference in my paintings and floor cloths is the floor cloths were designed to be responsive to my clients, to the exact colors they wanted, forms, to have meaning to them personally, concurrently my particular style/expression. Lastly, I really wanted to collaborate with my clients, to have an exchange that would also come through the work.
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Form and Function: Floor Cloths

Julie Northey at 4:14pm April 21 Hi Callahan, even tho I love the visual concept, does it “bother you” in any way that people “step onto” your art? (being on the floor as a cloth..feet, shoes…germs…etc….) I think that’s something … Continue reading

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she unfolds………..

Light of Spring Last bits of cold, wintry weather exert itself.  Spring begins to flirt.  Again she unfolds. First the tease, to see if we remember, trust.  

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Art for the Sole

handpainted floorcloths wallhangings & more Floorcloths date back to the 1700’s. they were produced by artisans to add color to their homes and keep drafts from coming up through wood floors. They have made a resurgence in modern times as … Continue reading

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